Obama Administration Denies Killing Iranian Nuke Expert

An Iranian nuclear expert was killed in Tehran using a magnetic bomb attached to his car by assassins on motorcycles in typical Hollywood movie fashion. And, in typical, squishy liberal, politically correct fashion, the White House is denying that they had any involvement whatsoever with the killing.

My question is this: Why even dignify the accusation with a response one way or the other? Iran makes a habit of nabbing hikers dumb enough to wander across their borders with espionage, while consorting with two-bit dictators who accuse us of giving cancer to every dictator coming and going. Outlandish accusations (whether this would be considered outlandish or not) are common place with the Iranian regime.

Silence in the face of these accusations would seem to be the right move. But nobody ever accused the Obama Administration of making the right moves, especially when it comes to foreign policy or Iran in particular.

UPDATE: Obama condemns the killing, Santorum says we should have kept our mouths shut. Amen.

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