Meanwhile, Obama still has to run on his record

Unless, of course, both the eventual Republican nominee (unlikely) and the LSM (certainly) allow the incumbent to once again run against George W. Bush.

Gallup: Obama in trouble

By Don Surber

While the debates of last night and today focus on the Republican candidates for the president, the Democratic nominee is in trouble. Gallup polls in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day showed voters were not in the holiday spirit when thinking about His Excellency.

His overall approval/disapproval numbers were 42% approval/49% disapproval.

So much for winning that “Payroll Tax Cut” issue.

That 42% approval is not evenly distributed.

Among black people, he is at 83% approval.

Down a mere 12 points from 95% of blacks who voted for him in 2008.

Among white people, he is down to 35% approval. In 2008, he received 43% of the white vote — the highest for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976. [-8%]

Among Hispanic people, he is at 46% approval. In 2008, he received 67% of the Hispanic vote. [-21%]

By age group, he is at 47% approval among voters under 30. In 2008, he received 66% of their vote. [-19%]

Among voters 65 and older, he is at 41% approval. In 2008, he received 47% of their vote. [-6%]

Elections are won in the states. Right now it looks like a bloodbath.

President Obama’s biggest obstacles to re-election are his own record and his own lack of popularity.

Read the rest of Don Surber’s piece for the bad news at the state level for the [P]resident.

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