Iowa: GOP Island of Misfit Toys

Every day it becomes clearer to me that the state of Iowa is the GOP’s Island of Misfit Toys.

What else would explain what GOP presidential contenders have been saying and doing in Iowa?

That crop of contenders has been less than stellar. How do they irk me? Let me count the ways.

Huntsman: Who? Enough said.

Santorum: I had a dislike for Santorum back when he was a member of the U.S. Senate, and I was glad when he voted out of office in 2006. The fact that his own constituents turned against him in 2006 is enough to doubt his current electability. So what is it about Santorum that turns me off? Answer: While he was in the U.S. Senate, Santorum behaved like a Protestant Fundamentalist Pharisee in political garb, focusing on causes pertaining to a particular set of religious beliefs.  Although those causes have some importance, there are other causes that are much more important.  I have no desire to have a President who majors in minors. Also, I have no desire to have a President who has spent his entire time as an adult being either a college student, a lawyer or a politician.

Bachmann:  She was first elected to Congress five years ago, and she already wants to be the President? Egads! That’s like being a junior U.S. Senator serving a first term and wanting to be the President. Seriously, what has Bachmann done for her to be considered presidential material? When Bachmann was a member of the Minnesota Senate, the Republican Caucus there removed Bachmann from the one leadership position that she had. Now she wants to be the leader of the entire GOP as well as the USA?

Perry: I had hoped that Perry could be a fitting candidate, but right now he has yet to convince me that he is. However, I could change my mind if circumstances change.

Gingrich: The man has put both feet into his mouth and doesn’t know it. The Boston Herald editorial staff said it best:

The fact that federal courts are supposed to be reading and interpreting the law, not “the American people,” is apparently lost on the former House speaker who is so eager to pander to Iowa voters that he would trash the very Constitution he purports to defend.

Gingrich suggested that he would violate the constitutional separation of powers if he were to disagree with a ruling made by a federal judge.  The President is supposed to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, not trash it by interfering with the judicial and legislative branches of the federal government.

Romney: As I see it, Romney lacks charisma. Plus, it is difficult to figure out what to make of him. In a column for Real Clear Politics,  Sean Trende compares Romney to the way that Richard Nixon was during the 1968 presidential campaign. Back then Nixon won the GOP nomination after the GOP went through some not-Nixon candidates.  If I had to choose between Romney and Obama, then I’d choose Romney because I consider the Obama presidency to be a disaster. However, to me there isn’t anything thrilling about Romney.

So, if the 2012 Republican Primary in my state were held to day, who would I vote for?

Well, I’d like to vote for this guy:


Since I can’t do that, I’m going to . . .

. . . not vote in any Republican primary.

On December 14th, a group of Iowa preachers made a public announcement in which they proclaimed that Michele Bachmann is “the most biblically qualified” of the Republican presidential candidates. [Info Source]

Well, that proclamation by those preachers convinced me to . . .

. . . change my official political affiliation.  I re-registered to vote as an Independent.

The only reason that I was a registered Republican was because my state does not have open primaries, and I wanted to vote in primaries.

That was then. This is now.

I don’t want to be linked in any way to people who have the USA confused with a theocracy of their own design.

Sure, during the 2012 general election I will vote for the Republican candidate, but I will not be involved in selecting that candidate.

Republicans need to decide whether they want a candidate who can defeat Obama or a candidate who can part the Red Sea.

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch the circus that the GOP presidential campaign has become.
















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