What is Santa up to?

Ho! Ho! Ho! What is Santa up to . . . or into? Did the North Pole melt away, or did Santa simply need to cool off?

The above photo was taken inside the Oklahoma Aquarium and included in a story published by KTUL.com.

According to the story, Santa was in a tank that holds 65,000 gallons of salt water.

My son and I visited the Oklahoma Aquarium last Labor Day, and we saw what was swimming in that 65,000-gallon tank:

Rumor has it that some of Santa’s elves threatened to go on strike if Santa didn’t take them on a vacation. Santa responded by taking them to the Oklahoma Aquarium.

By now you must be wondering how Santa was able to enter the shark tank without the sharks going after him. Well, it was easy. All that Santa had to do was offer the sharks something other than him to eat.

Unfortunately for the elves, they didn’t catch on when Santa called each of them “Chum” while they were traveling to the Aquarium. They thought that Santa was calling them his buddies.

So, the Aquarium’s visitors were given a surprise. Instead of seeing Jaws, they saw Claus.

Oh, if you are wondering how Santa is going be able to finish making toys without those elves, then fear not.  Santa has everything under control.

The elves that Santa took to the Aquarium were the ones who worked at Santa’s secret factory in the state of Washington.  The factory was opened after some elves filed a complaint with NLRB. They claimed that it was cruel for Santa to make them work in such a cold climate. They insisted that their work be done in Washington State where it is warmer . . . and where the elves could unionize. As it turns out, the North Pole is a right-to-work place.

Rumor has it that Santa gives his elves generous pay and benefits. They have nothing to worry about as long as they don’t make the mistake of sitting in Santa’s chair.










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