This Is What Democracy Looks Like

There’s a petition drive going on in Wisconsin right now, to recall Governor Scott Walker. If enough signatures are gathered, then there will be an election on whether he should be kicked out of office.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the drive will succeed. Not because I think he deserves it, or that there are enough people who do, but because the recall drive is cheating like hell — and elections officials seem to be just fine with that.


As I said, there have to be enough signatures gathered to trigger the election. But elections officials have said that they don’t care if there are duplicates — and recall backers are encouraging people to sign early and often. The drive needs 540,000 signatures; in theory, one person could sign their name 540,000 times (wearing out a whole lot of pens and getting epic hand cramp), and it would probably pass.


Next, they aren’t bothering to check suspicious signatures. Noted Wisconsinites Adolf Hitler and Mickey Mouse, for example, have expressed their lack of confidence in Governor Walker — and, once again, state elections officials say “yeah, whatever.”


As Tina noted, this comes out just as Attorney General Eric Holder is declaring war on voter fraud. Whoops, my bad — he’s declaring war on fighting voter fraud. If you dare to work for fair and honest elections, then you’re obviously a hate-filled racist sexist xenophobe bigoted Jesus Freak and domestic terrorist.


This is what “democracy” looks like — when a group believes that it has 51% of the people (or, can at least intimidate enough opponents so that they make up 51% of those who dare to express their opinions), the rights of the minority — even if they aren’t statistically a minority — go right out the window.


I miss our Constitutional republic.

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