Trump Chumps Out

Well, Donald Trump has decided he won’t moderate the NewsMax Republican debate scheduled for the 27th of this month. Apparently, only two candidates thought the benefits of showing up outweighed the potential downsides — Trump bestowing his endorsement right after the debate, or Trump saying the whole field is worthless and running as an independent. Either way, it simply looked too much like the candidates were obsequiously begging for Trump’s approval — a decidedly unpresidential stance.


The only two who’d signed on were Gingrich — who said he was doing it purely for the entertainment value — and Rick Santorum, who saw it as one of his few chances to get any attention.


Now that Trump is out, will the rest of the candidates think about getting back in the debate? And who would NewsMax tap as replacement moderators? I think it would be interesting to present a group of conservative women to run things — Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Mary Katharine Ham would make things very, very interesting.


Say what you want, they’d hardly be worse than Trump.

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