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Sorry about this last weekend, folks. I was called away from home and had very, very spotty internet access. I’m home now, got a ton of e-mails to wade through, and even more personal things to take care of. (LONG story.) Anyway, while away and offline, I had a bit of time to think about something that’s been bugging me for some time.


Are you as sick of the Obama administration and their apologists using the “but Bush did it too!” excuse? It’s really getting sadly lame.


For example, the federal debt. Bush ran that puppy up pretty good during his tenure. When he took office, it as around $5.8 trillion. When he left (with 6 years of Republican Congresses, and two years of Democrats at the end), it was almost $12 trillion. Call it about $800 billion a year.


Then Obama took office, with a Democratic Congress for the first two years of his administration. (He’s still got the Senate on his side, but he’s had a Republican House for this year.) The debt is about $15.1 trillion, which puts Obama’s hikes at a bit over $1 trillion a year. Or, 125% of Bush’s rate.


The defense: “But you didn’t complain when Bush spent all that money! You can’t complain now!” Plus a load of crap about how, technically, it isn’t Obama’s fault and Bush was so much worse.


And then there’s Fast & Furious. The Obama apologists love bringing up how the Bush administration had tried a similar program, so obviously any Bush supporter who complains about it is obviously a hypocrite.


What they don’t mention are the details of the Bush administration plan: the guns were tracked most carefully, they were recaptured before they crossed the border, and the Mexican government was informed ahead of time. But since a lot of us didn’t complain about that (never mind that a lot of us simply didn’t know about it), we should be just fine and dandy with the Obama administration taking up the plan, trashing every single safeguard built into it, and essentially giving a couple of thousand guns to the Mexican drug cartels without bothering to tell the Mexican authorities.


Or take Solyndra — the failed solar energy company that went belly-up after getting over half a billion dollars in federal money. Since the company first applied for the loan guarantees under the Bush administration, it’s obviously Bush’s fault, right?

What they don’t tell you is that under Bush, the loan was well on its way to being denied — but officials held off on the final “no” so the Obama administration could have it say. They also don’t mention how Solyndra pumped a LOT of money into Democratic candidates, nor do they like to talk about how the loan was issued in apparent violation of several federal laws that govern how such loans should be issued. The only thing they want you to know is that “Bush could have killed it, but didn’t, so it’s his fault!”


Folks, it’s been over three years since President Obama won election, and we’re barely a month away from his third anniversary of taking the oath of office (twice — and it was Chief Justice Roberts who bobbled the oath the first time). At some point he has to put on his Big Boy Pants and start owning up to the fact that he’s had three years (two of which with a very compliant Congress) of running the show, and instead has been a SCOAMF. (Look it up.)


(forgot this initially) Plus, remember, Obama ran on a platform of “Hope And Change.” He doesn’t get to run on the platform of “more Bush policies.”


Constitutionally speaking, President Bush (George W.) is ineligible to run again for the presidency. Hell, he wasn’t even eligible to be on the ballot in 2008. But it’s getting clearer and clearer that Obama is still going to run against him as hard as he did last time.


And that’s just plain pathetic.

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