My Debate Fantasy

As we get ready for the 5,480th Republican presidential debate, I find myself fantasizing about how I would like things to really go. And I would pretty much pledge my vote in New Hampshire’s primary to the candidate who said something like this:


“Before we start, I just want to say two things. First, I think I speak for all of us up here that we all think we’re the best qualified here to serve as President of the United States. Second, we all agree that pretty much any one of us would be a better president than the current holder of that office.”


A nice little gesture to solidarity, and a subtle reminder that the race is actually a binary question. It’s not “is this person the best possible person to serve as President of the United States?” It’s “would this person likely be a better president than Barack Obama?”

That’s the key question. Every time we hear another negative about a candidate, we should immediately cast it in that context: does this new revelation make me think this would be a worse president than Obama?


At this point, I’d vote for any one of them over Obama. Well, of course, with the obvious disqualification of racist, isolationist, conspiracy nut who goes by the name of “Ron Paul” and has a (small, but feisty) legion of PaulBots who go positively apeshit when someone slightly their Messiah. If it comes down to him vs. Obama, I’ll probably stay home.

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