Political Child Abuse

I’ve long been a fan of Peter David, self-described “writer of stuff.” He’s a hell of a good writer, incredibly funny, smart as a whip, and a real stand-up guy. I don’t particularly like it when he talks politics, ‘cuz he’s a serious moonbat, but every now and then he absolutely nails an issue.


Like he did here.


Short version: Michele Bachmann was signing copies of her latest book. A lesbian mother brought her son to the signing and prompted him to tell the Congresswoman “My mommy — Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” And then he fled.


See for yourself. The poor boy’s petrified, but his mother keeps pushing him to spout his rehearsed line.


I find myself wondering — and worrying — if this is becoming a trend. ‘Cuz back in September, another liberal mother took her son to Portsmouth, NH to meet Governor Rick Perry. This little boy’s mission: to ask Perry about the age of the Earth and about evolution. Even to the mother telling her son “now say” and feeding him the next line in her little script.


This is why I could never run for office. Were I Perry, I’d tell the little boy “do you mind if I talk to your mommy for a minute?” And then, in as pleasant a tone as possible (no need to traumatize the kid even more), I’d tell her “ma’am, if you have something you’d like to say to me, do me the courtesy of saying it to my face — and stop using your son as a ventriloquist’s dummy to hid behind.”


Because that’s what it is — cowardice. It essentially using the kids not just as props, but human shields — much like the Occupy dipshits who brought their little kids to rallies to intimidate police. And it’s an especially cowardly form of intimidation — you’re not using fear, but depending on the other side to have basic human decency and shame and respect to force them to avoid confronting you. It’s disgusting.


Over at PAD’s site, one of his commenters likened it to how politicians tend to use their own children while campaigning. And while I do see some surface similarities, presenting them as positives is nowhere near as contemptible as what these two mothers did.


Besides, whenever I see it, I’m reminded of an old George Carlin line about candidates appearing with their children. Carlin said the message he got from such ads was “vote for me! My dick works!” And he kinda had a point.


These two women need to be shamed and scorned. What they put their sons through to make some stupid political point (Bachmann isn’t the most gay-friendly pol, Perry comes from a state with a hefty creationist base)  is appalling. This is a very bad development, and we need to stomp it flat before it catches on.

"Data in this area is often conveyed in the context of a political agenda that promotes class warfare"
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