Truth Is An Absolute Defense

I just heard the most amazing noise. It was a strange “pop” sound, like millions of heads exploding all around the world. I quickly started scanning the news, and quickly figured it out: Newt Gingrich had done the unthinkable and stated some very un-PC truths.


And he’s dead right. Today’s Palestinians have no real history, no real ties to the land they currently occupy. There never has been a historical nation called “Palestine.” Their so-called history is half what they’ve plagiarized from the Jews, half just made-up shit. (Roughly speaking. I don’t know the precise breakdown.) They have no actual history to cite — no rulers, no wars, no great events. Hell, just ask them to name their currency.


When Gingrich described the Palestinians as an “invented” people, he said something that a lot of people would rather not hear. But just because it might make some people feel bad, doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.


Newt, you bastard, you’re actually making me consider voting for you.

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