Dan Rather Dies

At least, I hope he’s dead. And not out of any sense of malice — it’s just that what is going on at CBS would surely kill ol’ Gunga Dan. It seems that there are actual journalists committing acts of journalism over there, exposing some seriously major bad misdeeds by the Obama administration. And ol’ Dan would probably have about six major strokes if he was still affiliated with the network.


I have absolutely no idea how it happened, but suddenly The Tiffany Network is all over Operation Fast And Furious, landing some major body blows to the screen of pure bullshit the Obama administration has been throwing up to protect itself. And I’m developing a major crush on Sharyl Attkisson.


First up, she brings the story of US military aid to Mexico. We currently supply the Mexican government with a lot of military hardware, and it’s been ratcheted way up under Obama. But one thing the Obama administration doesn’t like to discuss is that the main source of weapons for the cartel is the Mexican military. Whether it’s through corruption or outright theft, that’s where the druggies get the majority of their weapons. By giving the Mexican military more and more weapons without working to make sure they actually stay in the hands of the military, all we’re achieving is pouring more and more guns into the hands of both sides — essentially guaranteeing even more blood will spill.


Next, she brings up a real black eye for the Obama administration and a boost to the anti-Obama conspiracy nuts by highlighting one e-mail that was not buried in last week’s document dump — an e-mail from an ATF official talking about how they can use Fast and Furious to argue for increased gun control.
In other words, this is almost literally a “smoking gun” for those conspiracy nuts who’ve been saying that the intent of F&F was to promote gun control.


Here’s how it worked: a straw buyer for the cartel wanted to buy several rifles at once from a gun dealer. The dealer, who would normally have been extremely suspicious, was instructed by the ATF to go ahead with the sale. The guns were sold, smuggled back into Mexico (quite possibly with the assistance of the ATF), turned over to the cartels, and promptly tossed into the pool of weapons they’ve been using to kill literally thousands of innocents every year. Now, once the guns have been captured and identified and traced, the ATF wants to use them as an argument to tighten up gun control laws by limiting how many guns can be bought at once, or even within a certain span of time. What they hope like hell that the smeared gun dealer keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t divulge how the only reason they made that sale in the first place was because the ATF told them to do it.

Ms. Attkisson’s work on this scandal is absolutely riveting. And while she’s utterly destroying the Obama’s incredibly thin tissue of lies about the whole story, she’s also giving credibility to the theories of the conspiracy nuts who’ve been trying to figure out just what was the reason. The idea that this was intended to help boost arguments for tougher gun control laws in the US just gota major boost with last week’s document dump. And my own recent notion — that the Obama administration is trying to curry favor with the cartels in anticipation of them overthrowing the Mexican government — is actually consistent with the first story.


Yeah, I’m calling those who talk about the “stealth gun control agenda” theory as “conspiracy nuts.” And I’m lumping myself in with them, with my own “helping the cartels overthrow the Mexican government” notion. But I stand by my earlier assertion: as crazy as these ideas sound, they’re still not as insane as the official story being promulgated by the Obama administration — or any of those pushed by the Obama apologists. Instead, all they have is obfuscation — find some way to blame it on Bush, downplay the whole story, or claim they’ve never even heard of it.


I’m going to have to revisit my earlier prediction that, of the current scandals wracking the Obama administration, Fast and Furious wouldn’t be the most damaging because it was simply too inexplicable. It’s still an incredibly twisted miasma, but it’s now getting so appalling that I think folks will reach the point I’m at — they simply won’t care about what the motives were.


As I’ve been saying all along — if Holder et. al want to explain just what they were hoping to achieve, let them tell it to a judge and jury. I just want to see that meeting take place.


Or, there’s always the possibility of simply extraditing the folks behind Fast and Furious to Mexico, where they can make the same case. I hope their lawyers can speak Spanish…


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