What’s Spanish For “Crazy Like A Fox?”

The scandal du jour to emerge from the Obama administration is news that apparently the Drug Enforcement Agency has been running a long-term operation involving Mexican drug cartels. Note that I did not use words like “against” or “sting” — they’ve apparently been laundering drug money for them. Millions of dollars, over several years, with nary a single bust or confiscation to be seen.


Couple this with what we know about Operation Fast and Furious — the ATF was actively aiding Mexican cartels in obtaining guns in the US and helping them smuggle them back across the border to Mexico, without the consent or even knowledge of the Mexican government — and I find myself indulging in yet another crazy, crackpot consipracy theory:


Could the Obama administration be expecting the cartels to overthrow the Mexican government, and is trying to establish good relations for when they take over the country?

Like most of the crazy theories I’ve heard — and occasionally repeated — about Fast and furious, it’s completely nuts. In fact, its only redeeming feature is that it’s not as crazy as the official cover story being put out by the Obama administration.


"I wonder what our President would say to such a proposal"
When Liars Figure