Someone Notify The Obama Administration, Stat!

Hey, remember back when Arizona passed its own law saying that if the Obama administration wasn’t going to enforce the immigration laws, they’d pass their own? Remember how the Obama administration said “oh, no you don’t,” and sued Arizona, saying that only the feds could enforce the law?


Then, remember when Georgia did the same thing, and the Obama administration also threatened the state?


And remember when Alabama passed its law regarding illegal aliens, and the Obama administration wasn’t happy about that either?

In each case, the Obama administration’s stance was exactly the same: immigration law is purely the bailiwick of the federal government; states have no right to enforce it. And if the federal government deliberately chooses to not enforce the law, the states can just suck it.


So, now we have another state thinking that it can make its own immigration policy. California is considering a measure to grant a form of amnesty to illegal aliens.


I think the Obama administration needs to start smacking around California like it did those other states…

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