There Are No Losers, Both Teams Win

Despite promises to myself and my best efforts, I’ve found blogging on a consistent basis difficult.  There are perhaps many reasons for this but in this post I want to just focus on one–current politics are depressing.

With the failures of the current administration, there’s an opportunity for people who feel differently to make a strong statement.  While anything can happen in an election, it is likely that a Republican president elected in 2012 would enjoy a Congress also controlled by the Republican party.  This would represent a rare chance to set things in a different direction.  But when I look at the leading candidates–Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Paul–I can’t help but be completely apathetic.  This is the best the country has to offer?  And, what’s worse, Obama was the best the country had to offer four years ago?  Really?

My disappointment doesn’t rest solely on the Republican party and its inability to attract nominees that inspire more than thoughts of “well, he’d be better than Obama I guess,” but also on the American people.  While you may be heartened to hear that the recent Occupy <whatever> movements are viewed unfavorably by the public they are only mildly unfavorable.  We’ve just seen three strong years of evidence that socialistic practices do nothing to revive a struggling economy–in fact we’ve seen they do quite the opposite.  Yet cries of entitlement and yammering about the unfair life led by the 1% is cheered by far too great a percentage of the population.

It would seem that comedian Adam Carolla shares in my frustration.  I’ll warn you that the following rant by Carolla about the various OWS protests is laden with all those words the FCC won’t allow on broadcast television.  So if you are offended by coarse language, don’t click.  But if you are as frustrated and disappointed as I am with the current state of things I hope you’ll agree with me that Carolla nails it.

(HT Ace of Spades)

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