The Lawless Obama Administration

Remember a little while ago, when James O’Keefe expose’s on ACORN led to so much bad press, Congress actually passed a law forbidding any government funding for ACORN, its affiliates, subsidiaries, or felonious accessories? It’s OK if you don’t, because apparently the Obama administration didn’t, either. I’m being kind here in saying that it’s mere incompetence.


And remember how Obama’s National Labor Relations Board ruled that Boeing couldn’t open its brand-new, $2-billion plant in South Carolina? That same board has some very specific rules about how it can operate, and how certain agents of that board need to act independently from each other — and not collaborate, coordinate, conspire, or confer over certain matters. This is a rather odd rule, but it makes a certain sense when you look into it — the NLRB is set up as a “mini government,” taking on aspects of all three branches of the federal government (executive, legislative, and judiciary). Under that principle, it suddenly becomes clear how each segment must be kept separate, to avoid gross abuses of power.


Well, that rule apparently got tossed out the window in Boeing’s case, where several of those legally-separated individuals swapped e-mails to coordinate their actions in killing about 2,000 new, well-paying jobs from being created.


On a message board I read, one guy uses a quote from Pompey as his signature: “Stop quoting the law, we have swords.” This is a translation of Pompey’s statement to a city he was beseiging, when the defenders expressed their outrage over Pompey’s behavior.


I think Obama would identify with Pompey on that sentiment.



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