Tebow – “The legend continues to grow”

John Peele of the Durango Herald says politics, economy? Forget all that, let’s talk about Tim Tebow:

TebowTalk about a conversation-starter. Say the name in a crowded room and prepare to be bombarded.

Do you love him for his family values or gutsy play? Do you hate him for his proselytizing or gaps in talent? Can you not get enough? Do you want him to go away?

He’s the talk of the state. The sensation of the nation. Turn on ESPN, open a sports magazine, and it’s not long before you get a dose of Tebow.

After another confounding victory Sunday, the legend continues to grow.

If you don’t know about him – you seriously don’t? – he’s the quarterback of the Denver Broncos – a mediocre football team in a very mediocre division in the National Football League.

He’s more polarizing than Sarah Palin, almost as big as the Beatles. By now, his face has launched a thousand quips, a million sportswriter analyses and a hundred websites. He’s also the inspiration for the cover of the most recent Sports Illustrated.

He’s won football games. He’s awakened a moribund football franchise. He’s created the worldwide sensation of Tebowing – kneeling in prayer, Tebow-like, elbow on knee, fist on forehead. Check out tebowing.com. No joke.

Hall of Famer John Elway, now the Broncos’ vice president of operations, last week refused to anoint Tebow as the team’s quarterback of the future. Elway sparked a firestorm with his comments, but he’s right: Tebow needs to learn to pass accurately, read defenses, etc.

But Elway is one to talk. Any fan of Mark Twain can tell you that “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” Still, check out this quick comparison of the two in their first nine NFL games.

Elway: 87 completions in 181 attempts (48 percent), 4 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions.

Tebow: 97 completions in 207 attempts (47 percent), 12 touchdown passes and 4 interceptions.

Is it a fad or is he here to stay? Most Broncos fans remain unconvinced, but each time the team pulls out an unlikely victory – such as Sunday’s 16-13 overtime win at San Diego – it gets harder not to believe.

So what the heck. Talking Tebow is more fun than talking about politics, wars, the economy.

Just smile, sports fans, and enjoy the ride – however long it lasts.

I’m definitely enjoying the ride and hoping it continues.

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