True Blue

One of the more annoying challenges the Tea Party rallies had was “infiltrators” — folks opposed to the Tea Party movement who showed up with intentionally insulting and provocative signs. Luckily, they quickly came up with ways to distance themselves from the jerks — some were quickly identified as union leaders, Democratic activists, and the like, others were greeted by folks with appropriate counter-signs (my favorite was the “WE’RE NOT WITH STUPID” sign, with the big arrow), and other ways.


That was my first thought when I saw these two #Occupiers’ signs. They were so over-the-top insane, they had to be agent provocateurs — hopefully, Tea Party folks who’d decided revenge was a dish best served smelly.


But, apparently, at least the “Cultural Revolution” is sadly sincere. Stacy McCain did a little digging into her purported background, and it seems like she really means it. I’m trying to decide which is more disgraceful to her school — that she doesn’t know what the hell that phrase actually means, or that she does — and still advocates for one here.


As for the other guy… it’s not the first time I’ve encountered someone perverting President Kennedy’s exhortation. And it’s my sincerest wish that he gets what he asks for — that the government “does for him” all it can. After all, remember that one of the biggest lies is “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.”

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