The Slime Thickens

Of all the scandals plaguing the Obama regime, I would have thought that the Operation Fast And Furious one would be the one that caused the most uproar. Unlike most other presidential scandals in history, this one has an actual body count — at least one American (a Border Patrol officer, no less) and a couple of hundred Mexicans so far. Plus, it constituted an actual act of war against a friendly state — supplying military-grade weapons to an active insurgent group.


But it just hasn’t really taken off. My own theory is what I’ve dubbed the “WTF?” factor. In most scandals, one can usually grasp just what the motives behind the wrongdoers was. Tom Clancy once quoted the four motives for political defectors as “MICE” — Money, Ideology, Coercion, and Ego. That applies pretty well to political corruption motives, too. But in this case, nothing seems to make any sense. Many, many pixels have died futile deaths in trying to find out just what the hell the people behind F&F were trying to achieve.


On the other hand, the Solyndra scandal (and, as we’re learning, the whole “green energy” scam) is a lot simpler. It’s simple Money and Ideology. Quite frankly, there is a lot of pressure for green energy on the left (whether or not it makes any economic sense), and the left has a lot of sway on the federal purse strings, so there’s a lot of money floating around. And the developments in the Solyndra mess are getting more and more entertaining — and harder to deny.


For one, Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is now saying he doesn’t recall a blessed thing about the whole story. The reason he was being asked about them? A bunch of e-mails just surfaced that show him backing the company quite strenuously while he was in the White House.


And the Washington Post finds there were other interesting involvement in Solyndra. Last year, the troubled company was scheduled to announce layoffs at the end of October. The Energy Department heard about it and decided that they needed to help those workers — and persuaded management to push back the announcement about a week. That the requested date was just one day after the midterm elections was, I’m certain, just one of those crazy coincidences.


Now, these details all came out of White House documents that were subpoenaed by the House. Funny thing is, the White House only partially complied with that subpoena — they held a lot more stuff back. This raises two very interesting questions:


1) Is the White House saying the House lacks the legal authority to demand compliance with its subpoenas?


2) If this was in the stuff they let go, what kinds of bombshells are in the stuff they held back?


By all rights, Fast and Furious should be getting far more attention. But right now, Solyndra is the one that is sucking up all the oxygen.


I think I can live with that.

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