The Lazy Bums

Speaking before the APEC summit, President Obama said that part of the problem in the US economic situation is that we’ve been “lazy” in expanding or developing their businesses. And, to an extent, he’s right. I can think of several places where just plain laziness is to blame.


For example, I can’t think of a single reason why Boeing isn’t fully using its brand-new plant in South Carolina than sheer old-fashioned indolence.


And then there’s Gibson Guitars — those slothful craftsmen need to get off their asses and back to work.


As former Guest Wizbanger Rob Port noticed, there are a lot of lethargic types who ought to get their thumbs out of their butts and start working on that pipeline.


Or the guys who used to work at Solyndra — if they hadn’t been such sluggards, they’d still have jobs today.


We can’t forget all those folks in Las Vegas who cater to the tourist industry — don’t you start sitting on your asses.


Don’t forget those sloths who work in the private, corporate aircraft industry — look what happens when you slack off.


Oh, and folks who work at coal-fired power plants — I’m watching you. I got a hunch that your own shiftless work ethic will put you out of your jobs any day now.


President Obama’s right. The biggest problem we have as a nation is laziness. We need to get all Americans — like those bums cited above — to bear down and work even harder.

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