Color Me Green With Envy

One of my favorite things is to conduct little thought experiments, make little proposals that make my point for me. I’m not alone in that way, but it’s rare that I have to confess when someone does it far, far better than me. (Mainly because I can just ignore it or pretend it never happened.)


Well, someone’s done me one better — and this time, it’s really, really, really good. Over at Legal Insurrection, they are wondering what would happen if the “#Occupy” thug’s tactics were to be adopted by a less liberal cause — such as, say, the pro-life crowd. In other words, “#Occupy Planned Parenthood.”


Even someone who’s marginally pro-choice can appreciate the hell out of that idea, and the thought of all those liberal heads exploding at the pro-choicers doing “mic checks” and “finger twinkles” at abortion clinics just fills me with a most delightful glee.

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