Iran’s Nuclear and Missile Programs Being Disrupted

Obama Not To Blame

As Rick Rice reported here on Saturday, Iran has had another in their ongoing string of unfortunate incidents involving their Revolutionary Guards Corps and things that go boom.  I mentioned to him shortly after his article went up here and on Google + that there were two separate blast sites, that one of the blasts had taken out the head of Iran’s long range missile program, and that Michael Ledeen had been tipped to expect a “big bang” out of Iran prior to the events.

The plot thickens…

Iran missile development commander killed in explosion

An explosion at a Revolutionary Guard base in Iran killed a senior commander in charge of the country’s missile development programme, the authorities have said, prompting speculation Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service was involved.

By , Middle East Correspondent
The Telegraph (UK)

Brigadier General Hassan Moghaddam was said to be “responsible for industrial research aimed at ensuring self-sufficiency of the Revolutionary Guards’ armaments”, a coded way of confirming reports that he was responsible for its missile inventory.

The authorities claimed the explosion was caused by an accident which happened as ammunition was being moved, but the high-profile status of its main victim will add to speculation that it was an act of sabotage aimed at the country’s nuclear weapons programme.

One US-based commentator known to have good sources in Israel’s military community said he had been told it was carried out by Mossad, co-operating with an exile group, the People’s Mojaheddin of Iran (MEK).

He drew comparisons with an explosion at a base housing Shahab-3 long-range missiles just over a year ago, which killed 18 people and which was also put down by the authorities to a fire in an ammunition depot.

I’m not convinced that MEK needed or received any assistance from the Mossad.  They’ve been blowing shit up for some time now with great success (and to the mad mullah’s fury and chagrin).  Then again, most western observers are probably unaware that Iran is rather a hodge podge of ethnicities and faiths, not all of whom have gone along cheerfully with the Islamic Revolution.

The other bit of bad news (shucks) for the mad mullahs probably does have something to do with Mossad.

It seems that DUQU, the son of STUXNET, is flourishing in Iran and has started to deliver some kind of payload which is having further deleterious effects on the Nuclear Program that our intelligence services promised us did not exist…

Iran admits to facing attack by new ‘Duqu’ computer virus

Head of Iranian civil defense says organizations, corporations supplied with software to help them defend themselves from new virus; earlier this year Tehran admitted the Stuxnet computer worm targeted its nuclear program.

By Yossi Melman

For the first time, Iran admitted on Sunday that it had been on the receiving end of a new cyber attack by the Duqu computer virus that allegedly targeted computers of firms in the Islamic Republic.

Speaking with the official IRNA news agency, head of Iranian civil defense Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali said that Tehran had developed a software to thwart attacks by the Duqu virus, adding that the “software to control the [Duqu] virus has been developed and made available to organizations and corporations” in Iran.

Yeah…  I’m sure they have the virus and it’s payload safely sequestered.

Despite that fact that Iran has been waging war against the United States for more than 30 years, I’m quite certain that the Obama Administration has had nothing to do with this series of unfortunate events in the Islamic Republic.

Dread naught, for the [P]resident most assuredly has, and will do, naught.


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