(Revised) 11/11/11: Veterans Day


Who are the military veterans in your family? Are you a veteran?

I’ll go first.

My father is a retired U.S. Air Force First Sergeant (E-7).

My step-sister Debbie was in the Air Force, and she was one of the cooks who fed the participants of Desert Storm.

Then there is this guy:

In May 1986 I surprised my cousin Jeannie by showing up in uniform at her school’s award ceremony. After the ceremony, her father took the above photo of me with Jeannie, her brother Allen and her sister Sammy.  My cousin Allen is preparing to retire from the U.S. Army. He enlisted immediately after high school, and he has served in Iraq more than once.

Now it’s your turn to talk about the veterans in your life.

REVISION: I could kick myself for forgetting other veterans in my family.

One is my elder cousin Lee, who is the father of the children in the above photo. He was a soldier in Vietnam when he met the Vietnamese woman who became his wife and the mother of his children. That is why my cousin Jeannie was born in Vietnam. Lee’s elder brother Lloyd is retired from the Army.

My mother’s cousin R.G. is a retired Navy CPO. I have heard plenty of stories about his Navy adventures.

As for my deceased family members who served in the military, one of my ancestors was extraordinary. See for yourself.  You could say that U. S. patriotism runs in my blood, which is fitting because I was born on July 4th.














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