Another OWS Milestone

What might that be, you ask?

Murder at Occupy Oakland.

Man shot, killed near Occupy Oakland encampment

KTVU Channel 2

OAKLAND, Calif. —

The victim of a shooting that occurred near the Occupy Oakland encampment in downtown Oakland late Thursday afternoon has died, police said.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting at 14th Street and Broadway around 5 p.m., police said.

The shooting occurred outside a Tully’s coffee shop directly in front of the protesters’ encampment. The area was blocked off as officers investigated the scene.

The OWS’ers deny that the victim or the perp were part of their organization, yet actively blocked the police from cordoning off the scene and gathering physical evidence.  That makes them accomplices after the fact.

UPDATE: A shooting at the Burlington, VT, OWS.  They’re following up with a full on riot against the police.

UPDATE 2: Zombie reports that the deceased at #OccupyOakland was indeed a protester who had occupied the site.

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