Clearing My Cache

I tend to have a lot of browser windows opened with article I’m tempted to blog about, but never get around to covering. It’s been annoying, but I didn’t see a solution until one blog I read put up a posting called “Tab Clearing” that just made so much sense, I had to steal it.


Oh, The Joys Of RomneyCare. In Massachusetts, one Plainville family has discovered something quite unpleasant about their state’s health care insurance requirement. They bought coverage, but later were fined because the state said the policy didn’t meet the state’s minimum requirements. One would think that the burden for ensuring such things would be on the insurance provider, not the consumer, but you’d be wrong. And another aspect emerged: there is no single definition for “acceptable.” The state uses a sliding scale for determining the minimum coverage, depending on what they decide you can afford. Oh, Mitt, you got some ‘splainin’ to do…


Frogs With Spines. Remember that French satirical magazine that posted an issue satirizing militant Islam, and then experienced Muslim Literary Criticism in the form of a firebombing? Well, they’re showing just how intimidated they are — here’s the cover of the very next issue. (Link fixed. Sorry…)


The Liberal “War On Christmas” Opens A New Front. The Obama administration is proposing a new tax on live Christmas trees, with the proceeds to be used by a government agency to promote buying live Christmas trees. I can’t wait to see the first clever entrepeneur to try to beat the tax by rebranding his products “Holiday Trees” or “Solstice Trees.”


It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know. We’ve discussed several times how the Obama administration, through the National Labor Relations Board, is blocking Boeing from opening its $2-billion new plant in South Carolina because Boeing chose to not expand in union-owned Washington, but in right-to-work South Carolina. Well, Boeing rival General Electric is also breaking ground on a new plant in Alabama — another right-to-work state — and the NLRB is saying nothing. The fact that GE is one of the Obama administration’s favorite big companies is, I’m sure, strictly a coincidence.


Bill Clinton Wants the 22nd Amendment Repealed. This is one place where I agree with Clinton; we don’t need term limits as long as we have regularly scheduled elections. Besides, this raises some truly wonderfully entertaining possibilities: wouldn’t next year’s election be tremendously fun if we scrapped all the present candidates on both sides, and it was Clinton vs. George W. Bush?


Tell Me Again — Which One Is Brilliant, And Which One Is The Idiot? Speaking of Dubya, here’s a truly insightful piece about what he knew about the Middle East — and Obama simply can’t grasp.


OK, there’s half a dozen tabs cleared away. I might do another one of these later, and try to get rid of the rest.

Clearing My Cache, Part 2
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