It’s Time For Holder To Go

…preferably in handcuffs, or on a rail.


Anyway, today Attorney General Eric Holder testified before Congress on the whole Operation Fast And Furious cluster-fuck. And we learned quite a bit today.


First up, we learned that just because Holder’s subordinates decide that he really, really ought to know certain details about what is going on within his department and even put the papers on his desk, he doesn’t necessarily actually read them — and therefore shouldn’t be held accountable for them.


Next, we learned that even though US Border Patrol Agent Brian Perry was killed with a gun (99% certainty) that the Mexican drug cartels were given by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, he really doesn’t think he or the Justice Department should feel at the least responsible for his death.


Then, we learned that if we take away one single thing from Fast and Furious, it’s that we really, really need strong gun control laws.


It’s this last one that has me beating my head against the walls.


In Operation Fast And Furious, people who should not have been legally allowed to buy firearms went into several gun shops in the Southwest. The gun dealers immediately picked up on that these were “bad” buyers, but were not only encouraged, but coerced into breaking existing laws and making the sales. The guns were then smuggled across the border into Mexico, occasionally with the covert assistance of the ATF, to make certain that they got into the hands of the cartels. Over 2,000 guns went south, at the explicit direction of the ATF.


The stated purpose of this was to track the guns into the hands of the cartels, to strengthen legal cases against them. But the ATF studiedly did not take certain very rudimentary steps in such an operation. They made no efforts whatsoever at tracking the guns once they got into Mexico, and at no point did they inform the Mexican government that an agency of the United States government was supplying Mexico’s biggest existential threat with a couple thousand military-grade weapons.


Ace of Spades has drawn the same conclusion I have: the theory that this whole program was intended to justify increased gun-control laws here in the US makes no sense whatsoever — but it is still more plausible than the official explanations so far.


Here’s where Holder just might have a legal defense to his involvement. Here is the logic of his position: this whole mess was caused by duly authorized agents of the federal government, instead of enforcing existing laws, using their authority to encourage and even coerce gun dealers into breaking those laws. They set up a “sting” operation that literally had zero chance of ever succeeding in its stated goal. The plan was to help the drug cartels illegally buy weapons and smuggle them into Mexico — and then do nothing else.


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are these the actions of a sane human being?
There are multiple explanations for Holder’s conduct so far. He could be hopelessly corrupt, he could be hopelessly incompetent, or he could be hopelessly insane — or even some combination of all three.


Either way, he can not continue as the nation’s highest (hmm… could it be drugs?) law enforcement officer. If he doesn’t resign and Obama doesn’t fire him, then he needs to be impeached.


And once he’s out of office, obviously we can’t trust the Justice Department to handle him. Have Congress designate their equivalent of a Special Prosecutor (Special Investigator? Time to dust off the Watergate histories) and subpoena his ass. Wring him for every detail he knows, and threaten him with perjury charges if he doesn’t tell all.


As a lot of people are saying, no one died at Watergate. But Fast and Furious has been directly tied to the deaths of several hundred Mexican nationals and one US Border Patrol Agent.

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