Penn State Scandal – Defensive Coordinator and Little Boys

This weekend brought a sad and sordid story from the Penn State football program. Their defense coordinator for decades, Jerry Sandusky, is implicated in a tale of underage boys, locker rooms, showers, and the whole mess. Ann Althouse has the NY Times story here.

In 2002, Kelly said, a graduate assistant saw Sandusky sexually assault a naked boy in the locker room of the Lasch Football Building on the Penn State campus. The grad student and his father reported the incident to Paterno, who immediately told Curley about the allegation, prosecutors said. Curley and Schultz met with the grad assistant about a week and a half later.

Nothing else was done in 2002. Heads will roll, perps will walk, and football will move on.

Only one thing could possibly top this. Mr. Sandusky wrote an autobiography about his time as defensive coordinator for the nationally ranked team. You will never guess the title:

The B Team
Praising Cain