“It’s quite a double standard the media is engaging in right now”

John at VerumSerum is putting words to what many of us are seeing:

Recall that back in January of this year, in the immediate wake of the Tucson shootings, there was lots of talk from the left about the need for a new tone. Joan Walsh wrote at Salon that it was time  to tone down the “anti-government rhetoric.” The remark was clearly directed at the right in general and the Tea Party in particular. It was premised on the idea was that, somehow, anti-government talk by the right might haveinspired Jared Loughner or at least some nutjob with a gun.

Far from separating Loughner (a liberal-leaning schizophrenic in truth) from the larger group of conservatives who don’t shoot strangers in parking lots, liberals like Kos and Paul Krugman immediately claimed the right wing “climate of hate”made the shooting predictable, even inevitable. And the rest of the media made the “climate”a part of dozens of stories about the shooting. Everyone to the right of Olympia Snowe effectively got lumped in with a mass murderer.

But when it comes to Occupy suddenly there is no mention–at Salon or Krugman’s New York Times–of any climate of hate. No one is talking about the need to tone down the anti-bank rhetoric that led to yesterday’s vandalism and riots. Far from lumping the anarchists in with the occupiers, the left media wants us to mentally sort out the violent bank haters from the non-violent bank haters. This is special pleading disguised as neutral reporting.

Face it, the idea that anti-government rhetoric led to the Tucson shooting was strained and proved to be absolutely false. Loughner never saw the Facebook map. He didn’t listen to talk radio or watch Fox News. By contrast, is it really a stretch to think that people being fed a steady diet of anti-bank vilification might have been moved by that message to pick up a hammer the other night in Oakland?

So why is the same media that pushed the “new tone” talk in January now ignoring the question with regard to OWS? Shouldn’t the occupiers tone down the anti-bank rhetoric and talk of revolution a bit from here on out, given that the violence seems to be escalating?

It’s quite a double standard the media is engaging in right now, just one more thing I guess we’re not supposed to notice.

A complicit media, a gullible public, and a manipulative administration looking to foist division for political gain.

A recipe for confrontation.  It could get quite ugly in the next year.

In the meantime, this Eric Allie cartoon pretty much paints the picture described by John’s words:


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