Religion Of Peace Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written a piece about Islam, that world-renowned religion of peace and tolerance and acceptance, and recent events have reminded me that one’s overdue.

In France, a satirical newspaper decided to publish an “Edited By Mohammed” edition. It poked fun at radical Islam and its reputation for violence and intolerance. (I don’t know HOW that happened.) And the Muslim community responded in an appropriate fashion: they issued press statements, said that they found it insulting but respected the rights of the French, especially in France, to exercise their right to free speech, and hoped that no one drew the wrong impression from the issue.

I’m kidding, of course. They firebombed the newspaper’s office. Which, according to Time, was appropriate — this editorial boils down to “stupid bitches were just asking for it.”

Meanwhile, in Egypt, they’re still celebrating the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak by showing their dedication to a newer, more peaceful, more tolerant Islamic state. And they’re showing that by murdering a Coptic Christian boy for the grave, unforgivable offense of not concealing his Christian faith.

Now is a time for a quick refresher on a lesson in semantics I learned years ago. In the Christian and Jewish faiths, a “martyr” is “one who dies for their faith.” In Islam, a “martyr” is “one who dies while attempting to kill others in the name of his his faith.” Christian and Jewish martyrs leave behind bodies. Muslim martyrs leave behind body counts.

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