Cause, Or Effect?

The whole Operation Fast And Furious mess just keeps getting messier and messier. Now, two more guns the Obama administration allowed (or assisted) to get across the border in Mexico have been found at another crime scene.

I said a while ago that the most common conspiracy theory about the motivation behind it was nuts — that it was all an elaborate plot to advance the cause of gun control in the US. The theory is by increasing the number of guns confiscated from drug cartels in Mexico that have a US origin, the gun-grabbers can say that we need to tighten up our own controls to protect the Mexicans, and keeping their drug wars from spilling over into the US — while hoping like hell that no one figures out that a whole bunch of those guns were supplied by the US federal government.

I thought that was a crazy, paranoid theory — but still less crazy than the official explanations being proffered so far.

Well, that theory just got a healthy dose of credibility, because one of the premiere gun-grabbers in the US — Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is making that very argument: that the Fast and Furious scandal shows we need tougher gun control laws.

Think about that for a moment: because the federal government coerced gun dealers into violating both existing laws and their own better judgment into making gun sales to straw buyers, and then aided those straw buyers in getting those guns across the border and into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels, where they have killed at least a couple hundred Mexicans and at least one American (Border Patrol agent Brian Terry), the first logical response is to crack down on private citizens who had absolutely nothing to do with the whole mess — except to get stuck with paying for it through their taxes.

In this case, it’s agents of the federal government who broke the law and aided and abetted in major crimes. It’s the Obama administration that has the blood of hundreds on their hands. The logical response is NOT to give them more power.

In fact, I think that it would actually make more sense to simply take away the power of the federal government to enforce existing gun laws (as they’ve shown they are utterly incapable of doing it) and turn that job over to someone like the National Rifle Association. Say what you want about the NRA, they’ve never deliberately conspired to put a couple thousand guns in the hands of a drug cartel.

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