Unionize, Or Die

Remember Nancy Pelosi? The Democratic Representative from San Francisco, the current Minority Leader, the former Speaker of the House, and intends to reclaim that spot? The woman the Democrats decided, back in 2006, should be second in line for the presidency?  Well, she’s still showing just how wonderfully qualified she is for that kind of power and trust.


Remember that whole Boeing plant in South Carolina mess? Boeing built a $2-billion plant there to expand its production, choosing to spread its efforts around a bit rather than stay focused in Washington. It certainly helped that SC is a right-to-work state, while Washington is a union state, and Boeing’s unions have been very expensive pains in the ass over the past few decades. Anyway, shortly before Boeing opened the plant, the National Labor Relations Board stepped in and told Boeing that no, they couldn’t do that — they had to expand in Washington. The law says that businesses can’t punish unions for past activism.

Now, it must be noted that not a single union job was being threatened. What Boeing was doing was simply expanding production, not shifting it. But according to the NLRB, “not rewarding” is pretty much the same as “punishing.” According to Democrats, unions are the business equivalent of herpes or AIDS — once you get them, you can’t ever escape them.


There’s one more detail of the Boeing story I had not been aware of prior. It turns out that the South Carolina workers had actually voted on unionizing — and rejected it. They made a deliberate, conscious choice to not join a union.


Anyway, all that doesn’t matter to Nancy Pelosi. She’s chimed in and said that if the South Carolina workers want their jobs, they should simply stop whining, stop thinking they have the right to their independence, and just join the union — and then the plant can open.


Now, one final point. The NLRB has made it clear that Boeing has two options. First, they can abandon the South Carolina plant (in which they’ve already invested $2 billion) and bring their expansion back to Washington, and use union workers. Second, they can abandon the South Carolina plant (in which they’ve already invested $2 billion) and expand overseas, sending the jobs to China or somewhere else.


Pelosi’s statement reaffirms the Democrats’ priority when it comes to jobs. Their first concern: American union members. Their second concern: foreign workers, working outside the United States. American non-union workers rank no higher than third — and, I suspect, even lower. (They’ve repeatedly demonstrated great sympathies for illegal alien workers in the US.)


Remember this, between now and next November. Any vote for a Democrat running for the House is a vote to put Nancy Pelosi back in as Speaker, the second in line for the presidency and arguably the second most powerful position in the federal government. And Pelosi — in addition to being grossly incompetent, astonishingly stupid, and seriously corrupt — is now affirming that she doesn’t think American workers have the right to reject unions.


Getting Pelosi out of Congress isn’t an option — she’s perfectly in tune with her lunatic left district, and there’s no way she will ever be effectively challenged. But we can sure make certain she doesn’t get the Speaker’s gavel back.


Because if she does, we are totally screwed. She did her damnedest in 2006-2010, and worked wonders. I dunno if we can handle another round like that.

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