Rules Are For Little People

Hey, remember Jon Corzine, the former Senator from and Governor of New Jersey? Well, after he ran the state into the ground and lost to Chris Christie, he went back into the world of high finance. And his company, MF Global, just went belly-up, sticking a whole lot of people with a whole lot of worthless debt. Among his creditors is the business network CNBC, which allegedly was owed almost a million bucks by MF (which makes CNBC the seventh-biggest creditor).


Well, now it looks like there was more than just incompetence going on at Corzine’s place. There are some strong indicators that there was also some serious thieving at play, too.


This should come as no surprise to most folks, as it’s been clear for years that Corzine is a definite believer and practitioner of the “rules are for little people” philosophy. His most dramatic moment as governor was when he was involved in a serious automobile accident. Corzine was almost killed because 1) the state police SUV (driven by a state trooper) was going over 90MPH with its emergency lights on for no good reason and B) Corzine, a staunch supporter of seat belt laws, wasn’t wearing his seat belt. After almost three weeks in the hospital, Corzine was released to finish his recovery at home — in a van that sped him there at speeds at least 15 MPH over the posted limit. (However, it is fairly certain that Corzine was secured in the vehicle this time.)


Anyway, Corzine went on to recover just in time to get trounced by Chris Christie when he ran for re-election. But it seems that he stil managed to hold on to his “rules are for little people” attitude.

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