A Good Move For The Palestinians?

Today UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) voted to admit “Palestine” as a member. Consequently, the US pulled its funding of the organization (about 22% of their total budget).


I have to admit, I am of mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand, the Palestinians have done nothing to make me think they have earned statehood. In fact, quite the contrary — the only reason I can support it is because it will make terrorist attacks (like the ones going on right now) acts of war, and free up Israel to retaliate properly.


On the other hand, though, if there are any areas where the Palestinians have demonstrated critical deficiencies, it’s in areas like Education, Science, and Culture.


Actually, that’s not fair. In Education, they’ve made “teaching their children to grow up to be Jew-hating terrorists” into an art form. In Science, they’ve made tremendous advances in terrorist technology — the art of improvised unguided rockets, the packing of bombs with rat poison to keep wounded victims’ blood from clotting, using schools and hospitals as sites for terrorist attacks, and whatnot. And in Culture, their innovations in the art of “destroy the Jewish history in the Holy Land and make up a fantasy history of the so-called ‘Palestinians'” has been truly impressive.


Anyway, it helps that it’s UNESCO. They’re appallingly corrupt and vile — and also exceptionally anti-Semitic. I approve of Obama’s suspending of our funding of them, but I gotta ask — why the hell were we funding it even before this?

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