#Occupy: Now It’s Personal

Well, the Occupy dips have come to New Hampshire, and I am NOT happy. They’ve taken over Manchester’s Victory Park for their movement.
Now, I know that area pretty well. I lived within a few blocks of there for my entire tenure in the Queen City. It’s right in front of the city library. It’s where I attended a Tea Party event. And on every Veteran’s Day, I made a point of stopping by there (and not Veteran’s Park) because Victory Park has a monument to Rene Gagnon, the Manchester native who was one of the flag raisers at Iwo Jima. (In the iconic photo, he’s behind the 2nd guy from the right — you can make out his knee in front of the 2nd guy’s forward leg.) I can only imagine what a mess they’ve made of the place, and don’t want to think of the conditions around Mr. Gagnon’s memorial.


And it’s bringing out the worst in my fellow Granite Staters. One of them (allegedly) met a 16-year-old girl at the park and persuaded her to let the older woman manage her start into the wonderful world of prostitution.


As I noted in another thread, the Tea Party people got all their required permits, behaved themselves, left peacefully when finished, and most often left their venues tidier than they found them. Further, not a single Tea Partier was arrested at their events.


The Occupiers just show up, refuse to leave, trash the hell out of their venue, and engage in all kinds of criminal activities, get themselves arrested in the hundreds, and openly challenge and attack the police.


But to many prominent Democrats, the Tea Partiers are “hate-filled domestic terrorists,” while the Occupiers “represent what is best about America.”


God help us if that’s true.

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