“I actually know people in the OWS protests that are good people…” (UPDATED)

Good-people“… not thugs, not marxists, not rapists, not radicals, not crazy, that love their country and are opposite everything some folks, like yourself have described the movement as.”

That from an exchange I had a few days ago in the comments of this post

It’s a point that makes sense on the surface and is a reminder to me to remember that no matter who I disagree with, they are people coming from a perspective shaded by their own gained knowledge and experience or… lack thereof.

I have no doubt that there are indeed ‘good people’ caught up in these protests.  But this ‘goodness’ can only be reconciled if we also believe that ‘good people’ can be naive, misinformed, gullible and easily led.

Take for example this post from a pastor.  Pastors, we’d all agree, are ‘good people’ (with rare exception).  I don’t doubt that the person writing the following words is a ‘good person’.  I also don’t doubt that this person is ignorant, misinformed and shallowly unable to see what’s really going on at these protests:

The people have finally arrived at the place where they are saying, “Enough!” They are making strong statements that are definitive; closing accounts at Bank of America because they are tired of the banksters charging us to use our own money. This is just one of many examples. Tired of the wealthy getting even more wealthy off the backs of the middle class and the poor. Tired of our jobs being moved overseas, and when we protest, we are called lazy? Hippies? Commies? It’s almost laughable . . . if it weren’t so sad.

And the millionaires, the billionaires, the public officials who have sold their souls to the Corporate dollar are afraid. It was so much easier when the people were complacent and although frustrated, not doing anything about it. As long as they had us cynical and complacent, they could continue. Not anymore. The movement is all over the US, and all over the world. And it is just gathering momentum.Some guy from a conservative organization was going around handing out bongs and one of his cohorts taking pictures. I am sure it will show up on FOX News, just so they can continue their propaganda that these protestors are lazy, drug addicted, socialists trying to take over the country. But the truth is, it is the sons and daughters of Joe America, who did it the right way: they got good grades, went to college, only to come out of school with those degrees to find no jobs for them. It is the thousands of people who worked hard, bought a home, were raising their families, paid their mortgages, only to either lose their job, through downsizing, lose their health insurance, lose their homes. Or, paying the mortgage on time, month after month, even keeping their jobs, only to find that all their neighbors lost theirs and went into foreclosure, leaving them owing more money than the home is now worth. The bottom has dropped out, in more than one direction, and the people are angry, justifiably so. While the middle class struggle, the banksters were bailed out in order that they would help the home owners, but instead paid themselves bonuses. And are now claiming to be the victims in this. Bullshit. The banksters, mortgage companies, title companies, and insurance companies have made huge profits, at every level of the process, they have received huge tax breaks, While the rest of us are just trying to hold on. And they wonder why people are in the streets. How do you spell “Greedy Sociopath?”

Our country is on the brink of losing it’s soul. We used to be a country that believed in the motto written on the statue of Liberty, “Bring me your poor, your huddled masses” Now we are more likely to throw them under the bus, so the millionaires can get that tax break on the new jet they use to lobby the politicians. So the people engage in a peaceful assembly, acting on their constitutional rights to protest, and the police come out in riot gear. Did you not notice this is a peaceful protest? Did you not notice that the protestors are picking up their trash in the parks? Did you not notice the RN’s setting up first aide stations, and volunteering their time to care for those who might need medical assistance? Oakland police bring tear gas, rubber bullets, and projectiles to throw at the protestors. Why? Because they are taking care of each other? They hold a few posters with important messages on them? You need rubber bullets for. . . what? A US Marine just returned home from Iraq, where he went to “Defend our country.” He put his life on the line, returns home, goes to the protest peacefully, and gets shot by a rubber bullet from his own countrymen; those men/women who are there to “protect and serve.” RIGHT. This young veteran is now in critical condition. REALLY?? Is this what he fought for? Are these the principles of the US now?

Set aside the fact that protesters have confessed to throwing bottles and rocks at the Oakland police.  Set aside the thousands of arrests that have taken place, the rapes, the thefts, the sexual harrassments, all of which has been widely reported.  Set aside the dearth of this sort of behavior at the Tea Party protests.  Read this pastor’s words again in light of these facts and you can do nothing other than shake your head at the ignorance on display.  But hey… I’m sure she’s a ‘good person’.  She’s simply unable to look at these events outside the filtration system that is her ideology.

‘Good people’ can do stupid things.  ‘Good people’ can be completely ignorant about events.  ‘Good people’ can be so persuaded, despite the evidence, to believe in falsehoods, lies and in essence propaganda, that they do harm in the end to other ‘good people’.  And so the former ought to be confronted on behalf of the latter.  

In 2008, this same pastor was passionately pro-Obama.  She may still be.  She, as a ‘good person’, decided to vote for a ‘good person’ for President.  We’re now paying a steep price for all this ‘goodness’.

Today there are some who think we should be cutting the Occupy protests some slack because there are ‘good people’ involved in them.

To those people I say simply… hogwash.

The well intentioned make mistakes, sometimes huge mistakes but they shouldn’t get a pass simply because they’re well intentioned.

We are in the state we’re in today because people are refusing to think critically about and through the issues of the day.

Now more than ever, ‘good people’ who are thinking waywardly need to be confronted with their waywardness.

For the sake of the rest of us who have to suffer the consequences.

UPDATE: VerumSerum has video of less than ‘good people’ in Denver causing mayhem.  The restraint shown here by the Denver cops is admirable.  I’m sure Pastor Sue will find reason to suggest that the cops here are the instigators, which would cement her ignorance in my view.

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