The Question That Answers Itself

As I heard about the tale of the lawsuit against Catholic University of America that my colleague Rick wrote about, I found myself asking a very fundamental (pardon the word) question:


If my religious faith was so strong that the mere presence of symbols of another faith profoundly offend me, why would I go to a religiously-aligned college of another faith? Why wouldn’t I go to a university affiliated with my own faith?


At that point, I had one of those “a-ha” moments. I’m no expert on higher education, but I can think of several highly-regarded Catholic schools. Quite a few non-Catholic Christian schools. And several very highly-regarded Jewish schools. But not a single Muslim school in the United States with the academic standing of, say, Liberty University.


Oh, I’m sure they’re out there. But not a single example comes to mind, and a quick Googling doesn’t show any.


And around the world, what are the great Islamic centers of learning? Where is the Muslim Harvard, the Muslim Oxford, the Muslim MIT? And just how open are those schools to students who happen to be Catholic, or Jewish, or even openly atheist?


There are a whole host of notions that can be derived from this observation. The notion that, to many Muslims, “tolerance” is a one-way street — they must be tolerated, but need not show any tolerance of their own. That they don’t feel the need to develop their own tools, their own technology, their own infrastructure — they’ll just take it from the kaffir. (This is especially clear in their conflicts — they use Western weapons and technology pretty much exclusively. Hell, the Hezbollah flag features an arm holding up the quintessential symbol of the godless Communist Soviet Union, the AK-47.)


They don’t need their own universities — the kaffir will provide. And those must bend to Islam; the Muslim need not respect their ways.


In this story, though, there’s a sign of hope. The dipshit who’s filed the lawsuit has yet to get a single Muslim student of CUA to sign on to his complaint. It seems that they actually figured out that a place with “Catholic” in its name might actually be rather ostentatious about that faith.

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