Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another rousing success. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

President Barack Obama stops to buy pumpkins at Wood's Orchard in Hampton, Va, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011. Obama is on a three-day bus tour promoting the American Jobs Act. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Here are the winning entries:

1) (Brian_The_Adequate) – “Owner: Hey don’t you want to buy a scarecrow
Obama: Nah, I am an expert at constructing straw men

2) (Mike) – “Finally Obama gets it right, by putting the ass before the cart.

3) (Jeff Blogworthy) – “Barack loves pumpkins because they are metaphors for America. First he draws an ugly caricature, then he rips its guts out, and then he starts carving it up.

4) (914) – “This is the most work he’s done in 3 long years! If not longer..

5) (Joe_Miller) – “In yet another example of the confusion within his administration, the President pardons a group of pumpkins for Halloween.

6) (herddog505) – “(AP) In a totally unstaged photo that AP photographer John Doe just happened to snap by complete accident when he coincidentally happened to be at the North Podunk, VA Farmer’s Market, President Barack Obama demonstrates the same steely gaze and grim determination that helped him get bin Laden as he searches for the perfect pumpkin that he will personally carve into a Nobel Prize-winning jack o’lantern that will save or create four trillion jobs over the next two years.

The Readers Choice Award this week went to Brian’s winning entry. In its place we offer one more reader favorite:

(PBunyan) – “What’s in the bag Mr. President?”

“It’s my Han Solo costume. Michelle will be dressing as my co-pilot as usual– it saves time.

That’s all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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