Susan Sarandon: Astoundingly ignorant of history or brutally prejudiced?

David Wolpe at the Washington Post is wondering:

Susan-sarandonA Nazi is someone who believes large segments of humanity should be brutally, summarily slaughtered.  A Nazi is someone who promoted, or now would applaud, the murder of six million Jews, and laments that the killing was not more comprehensive.  A Nazi is not someone who condemns homosexual behavior, or even homosexuals, but rather is one who wants homosexuals literally wiped off the face of the earth, along with gypsies, those who are disabled – well, the list goes on.

A Nazi is someone who herded people into concentration camps, dashed babies against brick ovens, put the babies’ parents inside those ovens, turned gas on in mock showers to suffocate people, thought other races inferior, barely human, worthy of contempt, slavery and death and literally planned world domination.  A Nazi is someone who belonged to a party that began a war enveloping the entire globe and resulting in the death of countless millions of people.  That is a Nazi.

The Holocaust is not a stick with which to beat those who disagree with us.  When it is used as a weapon, it cheapens the magnitude of the event and the suffering of those who endured it.   

So when Susan Sarandon calls the pope a Nazi, it is a difficult question to decide: is she demonstrating astounding historical ignorance or brutal prejudice?  Does she merely reach for the most savage epithet she can find to characterize those who disagree with her?  I have no conclusion; I merely wonder. 

What Susan Sarandon is demonstrating is simply delusion.  She is exemplifying what it means to embrace falsehood as truth and truth as anathema.  

She typifies for me what it means today to be a leftist.

There’s a side of me that has pity for her.  There’s a larger side of me that states simply she is making choices and those choices have consequences.  It’s a bed of her choosing. 

Sleep in it Ms. Sarandon.

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