Why Us? Why US?

When I first heard that President Obama had sent US troops to Uganda to get involved (even tangentially) in their struggle against some group of terrorist savages called “The Lord’s Resistance Army,” my first reaction was some weapons-grade snark. I then reconsidered it, but I hate to let such good snark go to waste.

  • This is either Obama’s protest about not getting another Nobel Peace Prize, or he’s trying to set a record for “most wars started by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.”
  • The majority of terrorist groups in the world today are Muslim-inspired, and Obama actually manages to find and declare war on one that’s nominally Christian?
  • Well, I guess with the UnWar in Libya winding down and Obama preparing to cut and run from Iraq, he needed a new fight to keep things going.

I could go on, but that should be enough.

Anyway, after I got that out of my system, I did a little self-educating on just who these “Lord’s Resistance Army” is. And that’s when I learned that to call these folks even “nominally Christian” is a gross exaggeration. Their “theology” is a mishmash of a whole bunch of religions, all culled for one purpose: to rationalize some of the most disgusting and savagely barbaric practices I’ve ever heard of — and I’ve made a little bit of effort in educating myself of the practices of Islamist terrorists, the Imperial Japanese, and the Nazis.

In brief, these are some of the most vile people on earth, doing some of the most vile things imaginable. Purely on the standard of “these are really bad people,” they should be near the top of the list of groups that need to be wiped off the face of the earth.

But that isn’t the only standard. Other considerations need to be taken into account. Ugly, practical ones.

Such as “do these people pose enough of a direct threat to the United States or our interests to merit our intervention?” Or “can we afford the money, time, and resources necessary to achieve the goal of stopping these bastards?”

On those questions, I have some serious doubts about the wisdom of our involvement.

And Obama isn’t doing himself any favors with his historic ignorance. “We’re not getting involved in the war, we’re just sending in advisors who will help the Ugandans and their neighbors fight this enemy.” A lot of people are still fixated on the US involvement with Viet Nam — and that started for us in exactly the same way. Luckily for him, most of those folks are on his side, but not all of them.

As I said, these are some seriously bad people. And the world will be a far, far better place once they’ve been removed from it. But I just have a serious lack of faith in Obama’s ability to handle this well.

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