A Picture Is Worth 10,000 Words. Er, Dollars.


From the Chicago Tribune:

When first lady Michelle Obama comes
home to Chicago next Tuesday, a group photo with her at a campaign fundraiser
won’t come cheap.

The asking price for a ticket to a “family photo reception” is $10,000,
according to an invitation to the event. The invitation specifies that there may
be a maximum of six guests in the photo.

The first lady is visiting Chicago to attend a summit with Mayor Rahm
on the problem of food deserts, areas that lack access to nutritious
foods. While in town, she will mix those official duties with passing the plate
to benefit her husband’s re-election campaign and the Democratic National

Makes a great stocking stuffer!

It’s safe to say the average middle-class Obama supporter (You know, one of the “99%.”) probably doesn’t have a spare $10,000 to spend just to be immortalized in a picture with the Queen of Scam-A-Lot.  And if they did, they’d have to be clinically insane to do so.

It’s probably just as safe to say that the people who do have that kind of extra cheddar to throw around would most likely be financially well-off, or ‘rich’, so to speak.

Since we all know the ‘rich’ are part of the “1%” of our citizens which the noble Occupy Wall Street crowd deplore, I’m sure they will be protesting this disgusting, money-grubbing gala with the same impartiality and zeal they have displayed lo these last few weeks.

I mean, this would seem to encapsulate nicely one of the behaviors in which they are most disappointed.  Blatant fund-raising, with rich people stuffing oodles of cash into the pockets of politicians for political advancement.  I’m sure the Secret Service is expecting throngs of vocal, indignant crowds complete with tent-cities and misspelled signs to be lining the streets of Chicago, with old hippies and their young hobos-in-training, voicing their anger at this corrupt, greedy mixture of politics and loot.

$10 grand for a snap-shot with royalty.  Hell, I could Photoshop you next to her for free.

And for $20,000, she’ll let you push her shopping cart at Target next time Barack gets a craving for a pack of franks.

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