What in hell is Eric Cantor doing?

Many are reporting the news this morning that Obama has extended his support to the OWS crowd.  What I’m not seeing too much of is this paragraph embedded in the piece most are linking to:

CantorA top Republican in Washington dramatically altered his stance on protesters involved in Occupy Wall Street just one week after comparing the movement to “angry mobs”. Eric Cantor, the Republican majority leader in the House of Representatives, told Fox News on Sunday that Republicans agreed there was “too much” income disparity in the country. “More important than my use of the word [‘mobs’] is that there is a growing frustration out there across the country and it is warranted. Too many people are out of work,” he said.

I haven’t seen the show from which this is taken but I’m hoping there’s more because I think it’s a huge mistake for Republicans to be jumping on this OWS bandwagon.

It’s one thing to acknowledge there are problems, it’s quite another to be seen as endorsing this destructive movement.

Someone point us to the rest of Eric Cantor’s story.


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