Hold your breath, cause I’ma hold my nose

I’m glad I live in Texas.  Because there’s no way I’m going to do it again.  I’m not holding my nose and dutifully pulling the lever for whomsoever’s name is next to the R for President. The Republican will win Texas’ electoral votes handily so I’ll make a protest vote if we’re stuck with someone mediocre.

Yeah, this is the same guy kvetching over Angle and O’Donnell winning Senate primaries.  Lord knows the Senate is where mediocre minds go to atrophy but I wouldn’t have voted for either of those boneheads either.  Don’t tell me what you think you’re fixin’ to do, show me what you’ve done.

Politicians lie.  Most candidates will say whatever you want to hear to get elected.

Before anyone accuses me of pouting because hometown boy Rick Perry is flagging in the polls recently it has nothing to do with Perry specifically and everything to do with the establishment’s constant admonitions that Mitt Romney is the clear frontrunner cakewalking to the nomination.  I think Perry would be a fine president based on ten years of him not doing anything really stupid as governor of the second largest state in the Union.  But freaking Romney?

Put me solidly in the “Anybody but Obama or Romney” camp.  Mitt Romney is the best we’ve got this cycle?  If you don’t die on Veto Hill when something like what ended up being Romneycare hits your desk I don’t want you anywhere near the Oval Office.  Does he have credibility on any issue?  Other than his undying belief that a man can claim to believe anything if it means Mitt Romney is President?

Did ya see Romney in that video above smirking in the background?  I don’t know why, he’s tap-dancing that same minefield.  Was for abortion until he consulted an expert theologian who changed is mind.  I don’t care one way or the other; I’m not a social conservative.  It’s just such an unctuous explanation.  I’d be insulted if I was a religious person.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  I don’t necessarily agree with it and understand the moral objections.  I’m aware of all its cultural implications.  But I’m just a man, it’s not my place to judge.  Unless I’m called for jury duty.  This is America.  If some people want that freedom of choice that’s fine by me as long as it’s not imposed by the courts.  We’d end up with some states allowing it and some states not.  No one would be happy, which is how compromise works.  Then folks can vote with their feet.

That sounds sincere enough, right?  Federalism for some and tiny American flags for others.

Which I guess works in theory on the health care reform Romney signed.  It was right for Massachusetts.  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.  If it was, why is Obamacare a bad idea?  If Obamacare will bankrupt us all, which is what the argument should be in the general, how will the bill he signed not bankrupt Massachusetts…which would then need to be bailed out by Washington?  I know it’s not his fault Washington is only too happy to throw good money after bad buying votes in the states, but why’d he sign it?  Is there anything more inevitable than a government cost projection being off by an order of magnitude?

There comes a time you just walk away.  If you get shot in the back that’s the breaks.  Does anyone really see Romney taking a savage beating for the team?

Am I wrong or isn’t giving government more control over health care delivery anathema to conservative ideology?  How do you get a pass on that?

He just reeks of snake oil to me and has since he lost the nomination to John McCain last cycle.  The Party forced me to vote for John McCain in 2008.  A known commodity, a man with whom I disagree on many, many issues.  The guy whose comity with the Democrats was our only hope to beat Obama in a fiercely anti-Bush environment.  An honorable man whose service to the US (and selection of Sarah Palin as Veep) allowed me to choke back the bile and check his name.

That will not happen for Mitt Romney.  If there’s any hope to rein in spending enough to stave off default until after I die it lies in someone making what will be some very unpopular decisions.  Oh, we’re doomed, but we could buy thirty years if we act now.  Then you can bring on the Soylent Green.  I don’t see Mitt as standing athwart big government inertia taking slings and arrows saying, “Stop!”

Who is?  I don’t know.  Maybe Cain.  If we’re going to send an inexperienced politician to the White House it might as well be one who doesn’t reek of bullshit.  Maybe Perry would be another Bush.  Who knows.  You never know for sure.  I thought Bush would have been more conservative.  He talked the talk.  He had a decent record.  Oy.

Every four years I’m underwhelmed.  The establishment serves up last election’s leftovers.  Salisbury steak again.  And again.  This year’s may be the greasiest yet.  I can’t do it.

MORNING UPDATE: Watch GOP Frontrunner Mitt Romney Praise Liberal Lion Ted Kennedy For His Role In Passing Romneycare.

As the kids say these days, read the whole thing.

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