What’s The Big Problem?

This seems fairly reasonable to me — a logical continuation of existing policy.

  • The federal government allows employers to require drug tests for prospective and current employees.
  • The federal government even requires dug testing of prospective and current employeees in certain professions.
  • The federal government itself requires drug testing of its employees.

So, why shouldn’t recipients of public benefits — welfare, unemployment, and whatnot — be required to undergo drug testing? In a way, they’re federal “employees” — they don’t actually work for what they don’t call their paychecks, but they are still depending on the public largesse for their day-to-day needs. The government, it seems to me, has the right to impose whatever conditions it likes on its largesse (as long as existing laws and the Constitution are followed regarding discrimination and whatnot).


Plus, it’s our money that is going towards these drugs. Don’t we have not only a right, but a duty to make certain they’re not going for illegal and counterproductive purposes?If you take the king’s gold, you play the king’s tune.


Yeah, lines gotta be drawn somewhere. But here? I’m not so sure.

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