Hope for our Posterity

A brilliant answer to the OWS crowd from a thirteen year old:

Message Reads:

Dear Wall Street Protesters:

My Dad is a successful computer Engineer.  My Mom gave up a career to raise me properly.

Our house is a little too small, but like my parents say ‘live beneath your means’

I’m sorry you’re out of work; that you’re in debt.  Maybe you should have gotten a degree in Biology instead of Bitter Women’s Studies.

So could you quit crapping in alleys in New York, go home, and get a job at McDonalds?…

Because even at 13 I KNOW I will be part of the 100% of PRODUCTIVE members of society that will be supporting you in a few short years.


There is hope for the Republic!

They do have a point, sort of
America, Obama, Cain, And Race