Writing Himself Out Of A Job

Yesterday in Washington, DC, there was a protest by a bunch of vaguely unhinged leftists. First reports tied them to the “Occupy Wall Street” nuts, then it was Code Pink, then some generic anti-war types, now I dunno. Anyway, they were quite unhappy that the Smithsonian Air And Space Museum was holding an exhibit on military drones. They decided to invade the museum, but were stopped by guards, who pepper-sprayed a couple and shut down the Museum.


Now, this is the type of thing I take personally. I’ve been there several times, and love it dearly. It’s an amazing place, filled with many incredible things. The thought that it should be politicized and attacked pisses me off no end.


But there’s a bit more to the story. It turns out that one of the “leaders” of the protesters (in a physical sense, if not necessarily in the traditional one) was an “infiltrator”  — an editor from The American Spectator.


Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but I don’t like the idea of reporters/editors getting that involved with a story. Howley didn’t just go there to report on them — by his own admission, he was “under cover” and actually actively participated in their planning and protests. In fact, some have called him an “agent provocateur,” egging the protesters on, and I don’t think that it’s that far a stretch.


This is exactly what he shouldn’t be doing. These idiots have plenty of stupid and aggressive ideas of their own; they don’t need folks to help rile them up. Further, it lets the left shrug off their own responsibility for not policing their own nuts; they can just say “it was right-wing infiltrators that caused the problems.”


Howley should be fired. And if he doesn’t, then the American Spectator has declared itself not just an observer and commentator on the political struggle, but an actual participant.


We don’t need this crap.

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