Leftist anti-Cain strategy is solidifying

In a post yesterday about MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s interview with Herman Cain, I wrote in part:

O’Donnell’s interview was caricature… it was folly… it represents the worst of gotcha journalism… his hatred for Cain was palpable… and it’s centered on this idiotic leftist notion that Cain’s blackness is faux blackness… that in fact, Cain is a black turncoat because he doesn’t think like the rest of those stuck on the plantation…

Questioning Cain’s blackness is apparently becoming a meme:

The script is clear and will be widely disseminated. Cain’s alleged lack of commitment to those of his race will be the left’s focus. It’s despicable but it’s to be expected. It’s in essence all they have.

H/T for the video to John at VerumSerum.

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