O’Donnell’s interview with Herman Cain

RealClearPolitics has the video and it’s enlightening in what it is it reveals about MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell.

So enlightening that people like CNN’s John King and The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf are taking O’Donnell to task for it.

King called it “the most detestable media character assassination I have seen in a very long time”.

Friedersdorf  described himself as “disgusted” at O’Donnell for “hectoring” Cain “disrespectfully” and for O’Donnell’s “smugness”.

I left this in an exchange on Facebook with someone who saw the interview differently than I did:

Lawrence-odonnell O’Donnell’s interview was caricature… it was folly… it represents the worst of gotcha journalism… his hatred for Cain was palpable… and it’s centered on this idiotic leftist notion that Cain’s blackness is faux blackness… that in fact, Cain is a black turncoat because he doesn’t think like the rest of those stuck on the plantation or more relevantly, like O’Donnell… I am continually amazed at those who see racism merely when Obama is criticized but would turn a blind eye to what I see is the racism of O’Donnell’s thinking during this interview… O’Donnell believes that all blacks ought to be liberals… that all blacks ought to see the value of the burgeoning federal government… that blacks are a collective and should think alike… this was so obviously apparent in his line of questioning dealing with the civil rights movement… and when Cain effectively blunted that line of questioning, O’Donnell attempts more gotcha-ism by questioning Cain’s patriotism and his fitness to be Commander-in-chief… something I’m sure O’Donnell is as concerned about when it comes to Obama…

If you see something redemptive in O’Donnell’s interview, you’ll have to point it out to me… I see it for what it is… complete and total leftist advocacy by a smarmy liberal who pretends to be objective… and who in reality is more racist than anyone in the allegedly racist Tea Party…


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