U.S. House Democrat Exposed As Racist?

Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post story titled “Rick Perry hunting camp resolution blocked by House” .

The House of Representatives has blocked consideration of a resolution calling on Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) to apologize for not immediately “doing away” with a rock bearing the controversial name of his family’s West Texas hunting camp, “Niggerhead.”

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) on Thursday morning introduced the privileged resolution, a move that would have put House Republican lawmakers in an uncomfortable position if the chamber were to hold a vote on the measure.

But the House voted 231-to-173 Thursday afternoon to reject the measure on procedural grounds. Most Republicans voted in favor of tabling the resolution, while most Democrats voted “no.”

Why do you suppose that the majority of Republicans voted to block the aforementioned resolution introduced by Rep. Jackson?

Is the vote by the majority of Republicans the result of racism?

If that is the case, then there is a racist among the Democrats in Congress.

One of the House members who voted to block the aforementioned resolution is Democrat Henry Cueller, who represents Texas’ 28th Congressional District.

There is a part of Rep. Jackson’s resolution that I wish would be passed and obeyed by Gov. Perry. Here is what the Washington Post story says:

The measure then resolves that the House “calls on Governor Rick Perry to apologize for not immediately doing away with the rock,” to “condemn the use of this word as being totally offensive and inappropriate at anytime and anyplace in United States history” and to “list the names of all lawmakers, friends, and financial supporters he took with him on his hunting trips at ‘Niggerhead.’”

As I pointed out in a previous post, Rick Perry was a Democrat for much of the time that he used the hunting camp with the controversial name. So, it would be quite interesting if Perry were to reveal the names of the Democrats who went hunting with him.

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