Herman Cain for President?

The American Spectator has published an opinion piece by Aaron Goldstein titled “Nine Reasons Why Republicans Ought to Nominate Herman Cain” .

I will not quote the explanations that Goldstein gives for his reasons, but here are the reasons that he gives for supporting Herman Cain.

1. He [Herman Cain] has no sense of entitlement.
2. He worked at Burger King.
3. He has never held elected office.
4. He is a mathematician.
5. He was a CEO.
6. He is the adult in the room.
7. He would make liberal charges of racism look really, really stupid.
8. The content of his character.
9. 9-9-9

At this point in time, I do not see any downside to nominating Mr. Cain. However, it is still too early for me to tell if he is the best Republican candidate.

What do you Republicans see as the pros and cons of Cain being nominated?

If you are not a Republican, but could vote in a Republican primary, then would you vote for Cain?

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