Imagine if a Republican administration…

Hey boys and girls, sorry I haven’t been around to remind you there’s a scary black man with a paddle waiting behind every corner but capitalism is a cruel mistress.  She and Maynard and Zed had me ball-gagged in her basement for a month after the transient I was trying to harvest an kidney from split and left me.  His next batch of radiator squeezins will have a little more anesthetic in it if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Does anyone else have Obama fatigue?  Mine set in about ten minutes into his speech at the DNC convention in 2004 when the inescapable realization that America would make this nattering lackwit its first black president came over me. Americans love polished black actors like Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington.  Here’s a clean, articulate black man convincingly reading his lines.  What’s not to love?

I figured 2012, 2008 was way too soon.  You’ll never go broke overestimating the collective stupidity of large populations.  Nominating McCain was a stroke of genius too.  But that’s a story for another time.

There’s a TV in the lobby at my office and as I passed by today some boob on CNN was reading viewer e-mails and I have to assume the topic was Herman Cain – the viewer was bemused by the prospect of voters in Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi having to choose between two black men for President.  My first thought was the viewer ought to take a little tour of eastern Washington, Oregon, Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, Central Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, and New Jersey.  I promise you there are just as many folks there that didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black than there are in the South who wouldn’t vote for Cain because he’s black.

Next I pondered which segregated city the viewer might have written from.  Reason had a nice piece about progressive zoning laws pioneered in *New York City* to keep blacks out of certain neighborhoods not long ago.

Sometimes we think the left plays the race card tactically to damage Republicans.  Obviously not.  They think this is a documentary…

I’m insulted.  I shouldn’t be insulted by the musings of some knotheaded bint, but really now.  Grow up.

Herman Cain seems like he’s pretty on the ball.  I’d trade him for Obama in a heartbeat.  And being black would be zero factor in the equation.  For either.

I wonder if the media would treat a black Republican president with the same deference they’ve treated Obama.  Maybe we’ll get a chance to see.  I don’t envy Herman Cain if he does get the nomination.  Getting called an Uncle Tom over and over by all those progressives has got to hurt.

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