‘They’ve given “stoning” a whole new meaning’

Michelle Malkin points to the media’s double standards as they attempt to macaca Rick Perry:

RaceCard The frenzy is over a now-overturned stone on a secluded property — “associated” with Perry through his father, partners or his signature on a lease — that once had the word “Niggerhead” painted on it.

The Post interviewed dozens of people. The New York Timesfollowed up with another crack investigation of hazy memories of bygone days.

They’ve given “stoning” a whole new meaning.

Has Perry actually used the racial epithet himself — you know, like the late, former KKK leader Robert Byrd did as recently as 2001?

Did Perry condescendingly refer to a black politician as “articulate and bright and clean” like Biden did when he described Barack Obama in 2007?

Did Perry racially stereotype Hispanics for political gain or refer offensively to President Obama’s “light skin” and “lack of a Negro dialect” like Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid did just last year?


The same lib media outlet that took down George Allen over a dunder-headed moment on the campaign trail in order to perpetuate the GOP=racist meme is trying to kick up dirt over a stone — a stupid stone — that has been painted over and turned over for years.

What does it say about Rick Perry? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

But it says a ton about the race card playing mainstream media and the lengths to which they’ll go to smear Republicans.  Expect much more yellow journalism as the campaign heats up and as the media’s favorite son continues to flounder.

It’s what they do.

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